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"A Water Meter for every
Park Home"

In the big water charge `Rip-Off`, where negligent park owners pass on the costs of their own used or wasted water and are slow to respond to sometimes huge leakages, your petition is now live.

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The owner of this website has been actively involved in investigating and pursuing the malpractices of rogue ownership for more than a decade, forming the first Alliance between qualifying residents associations under one cross-county operator in 2008. This has been a close to full-time job with most work unseen. Offers of sponsorship and advertising have always been declined to ensure independence but some of our members and readers have now asked if they can help by making a small donation toward the costs of running our forum and website so we can reach more people, If you have at any time found anything helpful and would like to make a small donation, you can now do so directly to: AGR Turner, address below and please provide your own contact details.


As one food retailer says “every little helps”

Tony Turner


c/o 49A, St Dominic Park.



PL17 8BN

Thank you

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