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The Wyldecrest ( Best, Sunderland, Haniff and co ) strategy has at all times been transparent. Involve a bank with a record of globally laundering dirty money that needs to be re-invested, borrow to buy parks where there`s land to be found or that nearby, market new homes, promise everything but not in writing, sell them quickly to get them occupied and then, where there was no planning consent, blame the council, tell them that the people may become homeless if they don`t concede to the development and then pretend that all of this was to help society at large due to the shortfall of available homes.

So, in a nutshell, there we have it, the ethos of a business riding on the back of a sham company, its revenue streams diverted so they`re more difficult to track and to hell with anyone sucked in as pawns in the elaborate games of Cluedo and hide and seek, the jokers in the pack gambling with other peoples lives and money.


The first likely move will be to import the drooling false charm and the explanations that its all the council`s fault, how keen Best is to remedy their positions and that his only interest is their welfare They`ll likely be offered other locations which from past reports, may or not have planning consent either - and some form of settlement may be offered subject to gagging ( a confidentiality agreement ) perhaps so that as previously reported, the homes can be resold to yet another victim to mitigate any costs that Best may have incurred from the frauds.


Beware jumping from the fat into the fire. Demand your money back and get out while you can. However attractive any proposal may seem, you`ll still be dealing with the same devious people with no conscience's. Get together, pool your evidence, find a good firm of lawyers ( contact us as we might be able to help ) and sue for every penny of your costs, from moving in and out, to any new carpets and curtains and everything else, down to the price of the garden plant you might have to leave behind - And at the same time – each file reports with the fraud police explaining that these are NOT civil matters but criminal offences that example many others around the UK. Above all, never enter into a confidentiality agreement without independent legal advice and if you`re a victim, remember it is YOU who are now in control of events and your own destiny NOT Best not his hangers on.

Meanwhile, thanks to Conwy council for not backing down and all admiration for the victims for standing their ground. The nets are closing, the sharks may squirm – but eventually they`ll trapped and dissected, the innards on even better display Meanwhile, For what it may or not be worth, our advice is simply this: Get all your money back and..........


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