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"Quite simply. This very informative site really tells it as it is, warts and all. Certainly worth following if you're buying or already living in a park home."


Sonia McColl OBE

Founder &  lead of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE  Campaign ( PHOJC )

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Much about what you need to know.........

A government website

Information for park home residents in England. Rights and obligations under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 ( as amended )

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Free Advice

Free advice from the government sponsored Leasehold Advisory Service for Park Homes.

Link to services with contact details

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Park Homes Justice Campaign

Our close colleagues, led by Sonia McColl OBE,

who says of the PHPF site:

"Quite simply. This very informative site really tells it as it is, warts and all. Certainly worth following if you're buying or already living in a park home."

Founder & lead of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign ( PHOJC )

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SCOPHRA Scotland

Scottish Confederation of Park Home Residents in Scotland

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Who is my local MP?

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Previous Tribunal Decisions

Potentially useful when considering bringing or defending disputes. No Tribunal decision is binding on another and each case will be different - but previous decisions might offer some guidance`s

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Linked to the government sponsored Leasehold Advisory Service for Park Homes page where you can find information for Wales

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Specialist Park Home solicitors

There are some, but not that many solicitors who specialise in what is the equivalent of conveyancing when Park Homes are purchased or sold and even less in numbers who are entirely independent of Park Ownerships and can deal with any subsequent dispute. Of course, expert help is never free of costs but if you want peace of mind when buying or selling - or if you believe you have a dispute where such independence is vital and need a solicitor familiar with all the tricks that some operators engage, our strongest recommendation is Tim Selley – contact details via the link below: Disputes with your Park owner – Do you have legal cover as part of your policy?

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Your Home Insurance

When buying or renewing your home insurance policy, there are a number of choices when deciding the provider. A better one would be Paul Baker Insurance. Not only are their policies comprehensive, we are always keen to support anyone who gives something back. Paul has been involved in helping Park Home owners over many years, including through his national residents road-shows, the Park News magazine and in actively supporting the PHOJC led campaign for pitch fee review changes from RPI to CPI and sales commissions. There is always a friendly and knowledgable response to any inquiry and where you would become a highly valued customer and not just a computerised policy number. Vitally important is that you should ask about legal expenses cover - And don`t forget to ask about the 15% PHPF member discount, quoting the code PHPF/OFFER2022

The following link will take you where you should go:

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Park Homes Policy Forum 

With many thousands of members nationwide and without doubt, the most informative social media page available, intended to create awareness of the form of tricks, scams and bullying that comes from the less savoury operators who have infiltrated the market. Read the stories, learn from others, Read residents comments and make your own.

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Wyldecrest Parks Residents Alliance 

Access to the residents group who fall under the regime of the operator, who among other claims, say they are the largest in the market. Our advice - To be avoided.

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phpf Private Pages

You`ll need admin approval to join - but already well used by Park Home residents to exchange information and comment. More than the imitators.

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Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

There will be many Park Home-owners who have friends or family members who may be considering or have already opted to buy their homes under a leasehold interest, most not knowing of the sometimes similar pitfalls and exploitations to be found in the Park Homes market. . LKP are at the forefront of explaining how to avoid possible disasters, revealing the identities of the vested commercial interests and in urging radical reforms. If you know of anyone to whom this information may be relevant, now or in the future. LKP is the prime and vital source of factual information:


Advisory Service

NAPHR is a voluntary organisation giving advice to residential park home owners.

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Citizens Advice

We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem.

Our national charity and network of local charities offer confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person, for free.


Age UK

Information and advice

We know that growing older doesn't come with a manual. That's why we provide free information and advice to help you on topics as diverse as claiming benefits to care homes.

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Legal Disclaimer

Any and all advice or recommendations given on this site are for information only. It is for the resident to make his/her own decision on action to be taken. We are not lawyers but have detailed experience in the market and any advice is offered in good faith, but the PHPF nor any contributor cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by anyone, whether or not it was based on information given on this website site.  

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