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With many thousands of members nationwide and without doubt, the most informative social media page available to Park Home residents, this page is intended to create awareness of the form of tricks, scams and bullying that comes from the unscrupulous  operators who have infiltrated the market. Read the stories, learn from others, Read residents comments and make your own.

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Wyldecrest Parks Residents Alliance


Access to the residents group who fall under the regime of the operator, who among other claims, say they are the largest in the market. Our advice - To be avoided.

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You`ll need admin approval to join - but already well used by Park Home residents to exchange information and comment. More than the imitators.

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"Welcome to the Park Homes Policy Forum"

Whether you are considering park home living or have already made the move, hopefully there will be something here for you.


Readers should note that we are not an advisory service - For qualified advice go to our link to the Leasehold Advisory Service for Park Homes.

Up to 200,000 people are estimated to live permanently in residential park homes across the UK, most making the move when they are approaching their retirement or afterwards - usually looking to live somewhere rural, perhaps downsizing, to be closer to their families or simply to be on one level. The reasons are many - and so are the recommendations of thousands who have taken the plunge and live happily and peacefully among like-minded people


But sadly, this is not always the case. There is a darker side to the market, where some park owners have long seen park home estates as captive communities providing opportunities for exploitation, from the moment a prospective buyer expresses an interest in park home living until the time their victims move on or pass away. This is what this website is about.


This site is unsponsored to ensure its independence. Through its various links, its aim is to provide glimpses into the sector, what the government is doing to help, information about prevailing law and regulation, where to go for specific advice, the pitfalls to be aware of and who and what to avoid.

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Park Homes Policy Forum

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